At Nanyima, we are proud of our motto, "Where Care Comes First." Our Philosophy of Care is to make sure that life at Nanyima is as comfortable, secure and as happy as possible for our residents.

The following are a compilation of testimonials from residents and their families about life at Nanyima and the care we provide to our residents.

I love living at Nanyima because the nurses are very kind and helpful. The staff all work as a team and the volunteers are wonderful. The meals are home-cooked, the hygiene is of the highest standard and there is so much entertainment here

Iris Pershouse,

I enjoy living at Nanyima because it is a nice home and it has nice gardens

Sue Wilson,

Nanyima is heaven and I don't lie!!

Molly Withers,

I enjoy living at Nanyima because everyone is so friendly and staff help when they can and I have no complaints about the meals

Ruth McLean,