Why Choose Us?

Choosing an aged care facility is a major life decision. Not only do you want to choose an aged care facility that meets your needs and expectations but a place you can call home. This is what Nanyima prides itself on, the fact that we provide a home for our residents.

"My Aged Care" has been established by the Australian Government and can help you find information about aged care services and what you need to do to receive them.  More information can be found at www.myagedcare.gov.au.

Whether your move to an aged care facility is for a better quality of life or the need for increased care, there are factors to consider before making such a life changing decision.

So why choose Nanyima as your home?

Care Levels 
  • 24 hour on-call care and nurses available
  • 24 hour staff on duty to offer assistance with day to day activities i.e. using the restrooms, bathing and mobility
  • 24 hour management on-site
  • open door policy with management
  • all staff have current security checks
  • residents have access to weekly Doctor’s clinics and more frequently as required
  • Continence specialist on site
  • Physiotherapy assistants on site
  • Podiatry service available
  • local Pharmacy visits to the facility daily
  • other Allied Health services – Hearing/Audio Clinics, Speech Pathology, Dietitian
  • Nanyima is clean and well maintained with its own in-house maintenance schedule in place
  • all rooms are single with ensuite
  • provision for couples with adjoining rooms
  • multiple meeting places available including lounge room, link ways, dining rooms, multi-purpose function room and a beautifully landscaped outdoor courtyard
  • on-site laundry service
  • fresh meals prepared daily on-site in our commercial kitchen
Recreational and Lifestyle Activities
  • daily diversional therapy program offering darts, bingo, gentle exercises, wheelchair walks, indoor bowls, movie mornings, beauty boutiques, quiz and trivia challenges
  • celebration of special services and functions including Australia Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas
  • annual Cent Sale and visits to external Cent Sales
  • weekly outings in the facility bus that include mystery drives, bowls competitions against other facilities, shopping trips to Mackay and attendance at Golden Years and Morning Melodies as well as invitations to events such as Fashion Parades and morning teas
  • provision to dine with other residents and for private family gatherings to be held
  • meal plans are varied on a five week rotating basis with menu options available
  • weekly interdenominational church services
  • on-site hairdressing service available at a cost to residents
  • massage therapy available at a cost to residents
  • animal therapy
  • gardening projects

Special Needs

  • different language, cultural and religious needs are considered
  • families are allowed to visit the facility and under special circumstances are allowed to stay at our facility

Our Staff
From an initial staff of 10, we now employ 65 staff to meet the increasing needs of our residents. Most of our staff lives locally in the Pioneer Valley.

The staff works together with a number of volunteers as a team to deliver complete Holistic Care.

Our Vision

To facilitate excellence in care for residents while ensuring close links with the Pioneer Valley Community.

Our Mission

Nanyima Aged Care provides a safe, friendly and warm home-like environment that focuses on holistic care of the older person whilst recognising and encouraging contribution from the wider community.

Our Values

  • recognition, implementation and maintenance of current legislative requirements
  • we value the utilisation of local people who are suitably skilled and qualified for employment in the provision of services
  • a commitment to quality care through integrity and professionalism
  • trust and respect for residents, staff and others

Our Philosophy of Care

We regard our Aged Care Residential Facility as the home of our residents and aim to make sure that life here is as secure, comfortable and as happy as possible.

We respect our residents as individuals and are committed to providing high quality care that supports personal, civil, legal and consumer rights to choice, dignity, privacy and a normalised lifestyle.

We endeavour to maintain and/or improve each resident's independence through the provision of excellence in contemporary Aged Care Practice.

We encourage all key stakeholders and the community as a whole to join with us in a partnership of care.

Aged Care Standards

From 1st July 2019, Nanyima is required to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards and will be assessed for compliance with and performance against the Standards.  These standards focus on outcomes for consumers and reflects the level of care and services expected.  More information regarding these standards can be found here: Aged%20Care%20Quality%20Standards.pdf

Charter of Consumer Rights

From 1 July 2019, a new Charter of Aged Care Rights will provide the same rights to all consumers, regardless of the type of Australian Government
funded aged care and services they receive.  The Charter of Aged Care Rights describes your rights as a consumer of Australian Government funded aged care services.  More information regarding these rights can be found here: Acqsc charter of rights a5 booklet v9 lr.pdf